Fasting has been around for thousands of years; however, the science behind fasting in the modern age is finally getting its well-deserved recognition in health and wellness sites. Find out here why adding fasting to your healthy lifestyle may help you lose weight, and add years to your life.

Knowledge Is Power

How To Begin

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The Science Behind It

Your Body Can Heal Itself

Find out more behind the science of why fasting works to reset your body's natural processes and rhythms.

Ways to Fast

Find Your Fit

From Fat Fasting to Water Fasting, find out the various ways to fast to get the optimal results that fit your lifestyle.


Knowledge is Power

Fasting is a rare conversation in America due to the lack of knowledge of this ancient practice. I'll bring you up to speed as to what many countries have known for millennia to cure illness and gain vitality.


Jennie Johnson

"...the real proof this diet has made a positive impact on my life came today. I received my blood work for my wellness exam today. I am happy to report; all my blood work came back perfect. I am also getting a $400 health insurance premium deduction due to my weight loss, too! I can't be more thrilled. Debbie, I do not know how to express how thankful I am for you, your friendship and knowledge. I thank you for introducing me to Keto and allowing me to join such a fabulous support group."

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