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An Overview of Fasting

Various Ways To Fast

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As you can see there are various ways to fast. Since we already fast while we sleep, by adding on several more hours once we wake, we gain incredible benefits the longer we can sustain. 

Most women benefit by fasting longer than 16 hours or more. In Dr. Jason Fung's book, The Complete Guide to Fasting, he states that most hormonal imbalances can be corrected once a woman fasts more than 16 hours since there are increasing benefits after the 12th to 14th hours of a fast. 

Autophagy occurs approximately after the 12th-14th hours. This process is when the body naturally rids itself of old and dysfunctional cells. This can only occur when we allow our bodies to go into a fasted state. It is also when our boy turns to its own natural fuel system: ketones. 

Ketosis occurs when your body uses up all of its stored glucose, or sugars from the foods we eat.  Ketosis is when the body has depleted its sugar in our blood and switches over to burning the fat within our cells. The liver then produces ketones which are released into the body as fuel.

Burning fat from our own body is the highest form of octane fuel for our brain since our brain prefers it rather than refined sugars from fruit or processed foods. 

Insulin, a hormone that regulates how our body uses food as energy greatly benefits from a fasted state, letting the body switch from burning sugars from our foods to burning our own stored fat as the body's main source of energy. 

However, the benefits of fasting come from a diet from whole foods, healthy fats, and no sugar. Eating a sugar-laden meal at night will cause your body to spend the next day's fast just burning the sugar you ingested, never touching the fat stores you want to burn off so desperately.