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Fat Fasting

Bulletproof Coffee, Heavy Whipping Cream, and More, to Get Through Fasting

I recommend this to most of my clients when they are not yet fat adapted and dealing with the detox from coming off of sugars. Grass-fed creams and butter help to satiate and give a little energy boost through your fasting window. 

Fasting should help you feel empowered to let your body do what it was intended to do; heal from the inside out. 


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What You Need to Know

Personally, Fat Fasting and Dirty Fasting are my chosen ways to fast during the day. The grass-fed creams and butter provide that essential energy to get me through my busy mornings without spiking my insulin levels.


All You Need To Know

What can I drink during a fat fast?

Bulletproof Coffee is a great way to get fat into your body without breaking fast. Dr. Jason Fung prescribes the following:


1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon of Grass-fed butter

1 Tablespoon of Heavy Whipping cream

NO sweeteners- save them for later after you have broken fast.

You can have any variety of fatted coffee from the ingredients above. 

I get headaches or feel dizzy. What can I do?

Keep drinking water to flush out toxins while your body detoxes from sugars. Adding Himalayan Sea salt to your broth helps keeps headaches away. Fat in your drinks will also help with dizziness.

I'm really stressed today, and feel like I need to eat. What do you recommend?

Dr. Berg and Dr. Jason Fung both prescribe having fat in your coffee, or even having a quarter of avocado at first to see if that helps. Since the avocado is a healthy fat source, your body will keep in Keto which still benefits your body in burning its fat.