Shopping for Keto, Fasting and Wellbeing

I went through many pitfalls to discover what my body really needed to heal, both physically and emotionally. These items and tools were personally used by me, so I can attest to their quality and efficacy. 


I also believe in using tools that can make life easier, as well as keep you informed of your own bio-performance, so I included the wearable devices that I was able to try while copyediting Ben Angels' book, Unstoppable: The 90 Challenge to Biohack You Minda and Body for Success.


These are affiliate links that will help support this website and the research I do to get you the most up-to-date information on Keto, Fasting, and Wellbeing. If you purchase an item, I will receive a small stipend. 

By combining the health benefits from intermittent fasting, to the healthier way of eating through Keto, learn through my mistakes and pitfalls to get the body back you deserve. Discover my tricks and tools to make this a natural lifestyle to embrace. Click below to see all of the tools I used to get on track.

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