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Keto/ Fasting Transformations: "I believe KETO is something I can do for the rest of my life!&q

I can't tell you how much 60 year old Mary Helen Martin is such an inspiration to women! We met three years ago in Key West, and I thought she was amazing then. So full of life and an amazing role-model for women to embrace strength and feminine qualities. She shared how she was having an impending knee replacement surgery, and that she was determined to stay healthy into her golden years. Mary Helen is definitely there!

She recuperated successfully from her surgery, and was able to keep the weight off by implementing Keto. Once she felt strong enough, she also began intermittent fasting.

Here is her interview!

ME: What inspired you to go Keto, Intermittent Fasting or both?

Mary Helen: I had followed a low carb/high protein diet successfully, but was always hungry! I then let the pounds come back after one of my knees gave out and a total knee replacement was imminent. I have always been pretty active, but with my knee issue, I couldn't exercise! So after some research I found Keto plus discovered several friends were into the Keto WOE, so I reached out to them for tips and advice. My husband needed to lose about 10 pounds and I wanted to lose at least 30 lbs. As time went on, I tried [Intermittent Fasting] (IF), as well, and now do IF just about every day in the week while weekends are a little more less consistent.

ME: When did you start Keto, IF?

Mary Helen: We set a date of January 9th which was the day after the NCAA National Championship football game. We are 'Bama graduates and big college football fans, so we let the day after ‘Bama played for the National Championship be our starting date. My husband lost 10 pounds very quickly while the pounds came off of me a be slower. I didn't start IF until about 5 months into KETO WOE. First, I found I really wasn't hungry after having my Bulletproof coffee, so IF really was just the natural progression. Then, after YOU posted about your 5 day fast and was so successful, I wanted to try my first longer fast which lasted 4 days and I lost several pounds!!

ME: Did you have any chronic illness like chronic inflammation, pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, IBS, Crohn’s, or any other illnesses that were causing you symptoms?

Mary Helen: I did have some undiagnosed intestinal issues and over time had stopped eating a few things that I thought bothered me. My main issue was I had such strong food cravings and bloating! I was just unhappy with myself and felt like my life was out of my control!

I feel good about myself with a KETO WOE, and I am rarely hungry, plus the whole foods we ate are GREAT! In all my research I do think sugars are our main dietary issues and cause so many problems. I want to help my husband and me live a long, healthy and happy life, so the KETO WOE will provide that to prevent the growth of cancers and warn off Alzheimer's! Two things I hope we can avoid!!! My bother died of lymphoma and my mother in law had Alzheimer's.

ME: What was your starting weight, and how much did you lose?

Mary Helen: I was at my largest weight ever (except pregnancy) at 160 pounds in December/January then we started KETO. I have lost 27 pounds and would like to lose 3 more pounds to be at an even 130 pounds. We started in early January 2019, so it has been around 7 months. It would have likely happened faster, but to be honest, we are social drinkers, and I have continued to have an alcoholic drink when I want. In the beginning I didn't drink for about the first couple of weeks, then for months, I only drank Keto friendly alcoholic drinks--vodka, tequila--but now I'm back to drinking my favorites champagne, rose and red wine.

ME: What was the most difficult hurdle you had to overcome during this transformation?

Mary Helen: In the beginning KETO WOE was just confusing. It is not a one size fits all. It is really a personal choice, and you have to just jump in and just start it! I had some "Keto flu" symptoms, but neither of us had those for very long. Putting butter and oil into my coffee was so strange, but it really tastes so good! It was difficult to go to a Mexican restaurant at first because of not being able to eat chips and salsa, but if I know in advance, I'll make some cheese crisps to take with me for "chips" and guacamole! I have gotten used to using “zoodles” for my pasta and really like it (I put it in the over on a paper towel lined cookie sheet to dry out some of the moisture.) I have also made homemade Keto pasta that was pretty good, just takes a lot of effort! I suppose i will always miss rice, pasta and potatoes, but it is fine without those items in my life, as there are so many KETO friendly foods that are good. I can always find something on a menu at a restaurant so eating out is not a problem either.

ME: What were the biggest surprises you discovered about yourself with this new way of living?

Mary Helen: I am rarely hungry! I drink my Bulletproof coffee about 11 am, then don't eat until 6 pm or so. I may snack on something KETO friendly late afternoon, but not always. Also, I feel so good! I don't have food cravings any more and food does not rule my life! I also believe that KETO WOE is something I can do for the rest of my life!

ME: What advice would you give someone struggling with starting this way of eating/ way of life?

Mary Helen: I would say don't stress about if you are doing it right or wrong in the beginning, just get started then as you go reach out to family, friends and people on the Internet who are Keto-ers for advice, tips, recipes....you will get it eventually. Read Keto Clarity and watch, THE MAGIC PILL on Netflix. I also liked THE LIES MY DOCTOR TOLD ME". Give your body time to adjust to getting fat adapted. And have fun with all the recipes you can try! Cauliflower will be your new "go to" vegetable--mashed, roasted, soup, tater tots, french fries! Love it! Also, if you love to exercise, do it, but in the beginning, I would concentrate on making sure you are eating quality KETO foods. When the weight starts to come off, and you are feeling better about yourself, exercise will be the next thing you will want to do since exercise makes your muscles tone and gives you endorphins you can't get any other way.

It is amazing how many people are into a KETO WOE now. At every party or new person I meet it seems so many are into KETO. A couple told me just last week how their doctor had suggested and supported a KETO WOE lifestyle! I wish more doctors did.

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