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Could Adrenal Fatigue Be Causing Your Weight Gain

Learn the Surprising Facts About This Silent Syndrome and how it could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

If you've been following me for some time, then you already know what I'm about to share, so feel free to go make some Fathead pizza, or a cup of bulletproof coffee! I'll be sharing something you might want to know about the Queen of England later this week, that I think you will enjoy.

This article is just a reminder that we all have to start somewhere, and it's nice to have someone who has gone through it to help you on your way.

Have you been gaining weight quicker than you have in the past, regardless of exercise and decreasing calories?

Do you feel extreme muscle fatigue when you exercise?

Do you forget quickly, or lose words when you’re speaking?

Is it hard for you to keep focused without getting distracted?

Have you been under a lot of life changes and stress in the past six months?

These were just a few symptoms I had when a Functional Medicine doctor confirmed to me that my adrenal system was severely fatigued.

Mind you, my regular doctor, just weeks prior read me my blood results stating everything except my vitamin D levels looked great.

Looked great? But I felt horrible and knew something was going on. I was so relieved to at least have an answer to what was causing my fatigue and brain fog. I was grateful I decided to see a functional medicine doctor instead, because they have additional training to look for the causation of the symptoms, and not just treat them with a prescription.

80 % of the American population has at one point come down with Adrenal stress due to our high-paced work, long hours, and little down-time to recover from our hectic routines. It impacts our hormones that help regulate our 'fight or flight' response.

I think the last time most of us learned about hormones was in Sex Ed class and didn't realize there were more until you got pregnant. Then you learned about estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. However, there are so many more besides Estrogen and Testosterone. Then I found articles throughout the web that taught me about these mysterious hormones I never learned about in Biology 101 in high school. Here's a 5 minute video to get you back up to speed!

Glucocorticoids. These hormones, which include cortisol, help your body convert food into energy, normalize blood sugar, respond to stress and maintain your immune system's inflammatory response. (1)

Mineralocorticoids. These hormones, which include aldosterone, help keep your blood pressure and blood volume regular by maintaining a proper balance of sodium, potassium, and water in your body.

Adrenaline. This hormone increases your heart rate and controls blood flow to your muscles and brain, along with helping with the conversion of glycogen to glucose in your liver. (2)

So when you are under a constant state of stress, adrenaline pumps through your body to keep you going. Once it can no longer support these long sprints of tension and stress, cortisol then takes over, and this is where things happen. I felt it happen!

I would get that dizzy feeling and sweats like I was hypoglycemic. I would then throw some protein into my stomach to give me energy since I felt hungry, too.

I mean, that's what my doctors told me, "When you feel hypoglycemic with the sweats and shakes, have some quick energy like a banana or baked potato.

It didn't take long with that advice to make me feel worse.

Within two hours, I was voracious.

Of course, I thought I was doing the right thing for my body. However, it was when I found the articles and research about Adrenal fatigue, did I realize I was fueling my body entirely incorrectly. I found many specialists, like Dr. Berg and Dr. Axe. I love Dr. Berg. Rich knows, so don't worry.

Dr. Berg shares amazing videos that basically answer any question you have about Adrenal Fatigue, Metabolic Syndrome, Keto and more.

Below I have a link to Dr. Berg's Body Type Quiz that can be quite revealing for many of you wanting to know why you gain weight in certain areas than others. It's fascinating!

Click on the picture to go to his quiz.

A poster of four people carrying excess weight in different areas of the body.

I share in my eBook how the Keto Diet saved me from losing my sanity. My brain fog went away when I started to support my body with rest and minerals, as well as get rid of sugar and carbs.

I'm grateful for the discoveries I've made in the past couple of years, and that's why I want to pass this onto you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Also, feel free to pass this article on to someone you know is struggling with their wellbeing. Sharing is caring, as I always say!